May 17

My trip to Kansas

My trip to Kansas was great! The plane ride was great! Every thing was great! I went to LEGO LAND. It was awesome! There is a app called where they have things that you can mouth and it looks like you are saying it. Its really funny. Most of the time I was goofing off with my cousins.

May 17

Table Soccer


Cooper and I created a game called… TABLE SOCCER. It’s like soccer but you just use a ball of paper. So you get open boxes and set them up and you try to get the ball inside.  You don’t have to have goals. You can just have a flat surface and take turns flicking the ball. Each person sits behind the goal and takes turns flicking the ball. You should use a paper ball because a rubber ball goes slow and little paper balls are fast.

March 8

X-ray vision VS Invisibility

Walker: My purpose is to convince my mom that x-ray vision is better then invisibility.

Mom: My purpose is to convince Walker that being able to become invisible is superior to having X-ray vision. 

Walker: Reason – I could see though walls and doors.

Walker: Example – I could be the hide and seek champion.

Mom: Reason – If I could make myself invisible, I could hide from everyone.

Mom: Example – For example, no one would ever find me while playing hide and seek.

Walker: Reason – I would be able to see through peoples clothing.

Walker: Example – For example, if someone had a weapon I would know it very quickly and could save everyone.

Mom: Reason – I could make myself invisible and listen to conversations without others knowing I was in the room.

Mom: Example: I could make myself invisible and sneak into the enemies fort and hear their plan on how they were going to destroy the world. Then I would be able to foil their plan.

Walker: Conclusion – I would be the only person in the world to see everything.

Mom: Conclusion – As you can see, being able to make yourself invisible is the most superior super power.

February 21

Hoatzin Young

220px-Hoatzin_(Opisthocornus_hoazin)_world (1)Hoatzin Young are extraordinary birds. They have wing claws that can grab onto tree branches for a quick escape. The adults don’t look like the kids. They have more color then the babies and look like wood peckers. If the babies get attacked, they can jump onto branches…And swim! They live in SouthAmerica.


February 8

The Ocean Vacuum

I think the most important invention in 2015 is the ocean vacuum because it won’t pollute the air, fish won’t go extinct and nor will people.  The ocean vacuum isn’t the best thing ever but its better then any thing invented today.The inventor was a boy who is 19 years old. Isn’t that amazing? I think so, his name is Boyan Slat. Its up to us to save our sea life.

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